Ownpets Dog Backpack Hands Free Adjustable



PREMIUM MATERIAL: The back cushion is reinforced with reinforced EVA material, which strengthens the support of the strap for users. The back is breathable mesh while the front is heavyweight denim. Elegant and solid.
Innovative Adjustable Front Straps: Unlike other front carrier bags on the market, our pet carrier bag has adjustable buckles on both sides, which is very convenient to use. The length of the strap is adjustable, you can adjust it flexibly. It fits most pets of different sizes. (M size is suitable for small dogs around 3.2kg, L size is suitable for medium dogs around 5.4kg).
U-shaped shoulder straps: stronger and more ergonomic. It is more comfortable to wear. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the straps.
2 Sizes Optional: This pet carrier has two sizes. Before purchase, please measure your pet and choose the correct size.
How to use: Place your pet’s paws and tail according to the different holes. The pet carrier has holes for your pet to stretch out its paws to make your pet feel safe and comfortable. You can wear it front or back. It can help you get closer to your pet. When you go out with your pet, wearing it can make your pet safe.


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