ENLESAITI Dog Claw Cleaner Portable Dog Washing Brush



2-in-1 Dog Paw Cleaner: This dog paw cleaner features a detachable top brush and soft bristles inside. The top brush can be used to scrub your pet’s body during bath time, and the soft bristles inside can be used to clean pet’s muddy paws.
Super Soft Silicone: The portable dog paw cleaner is carefully selected eco-friendly silicone which provides better softness than plastic, without hurting your beloved dogs.
360° cleaning: add a little water to the cup, insert the dog’s mud claws, and a soft and effective silicone brush to help remove dust and dirt from the dog’s claws, and will not harm the dog’s claws. claws of the animal during the operation. Pleasant and soft, elastic and resistant.
Easy to use and clean: suitable for all sizes of dogs. The brush is easier to remove for rinsing and to assemble than older versions. Easy to disassemble and clean. Just unscrew the lid and remove the silicone brush for cleaning and keep it dry for next use.
Easy to carry: The product is very easy to carry. It is suitable for family, apartments, hiking and camping etc. You can also use it outdoors anytime.


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