Cat transport bag, breathable and breathable cat transport box



✈️ CAT AIRCRAFT CARRY BAG: Airplane cabin dog carrier bag with size 17.5″L x 11″W x 11″H, suitable for pets up to 20lbs. Suitable for American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Air, Allegiant Air, Jet Blue and Whether you’re traveling with your pet by plane, car, subway or any other means of public transport, it’s the pet carrier cat that makes your trip easier!
😊4 ENTRANCE AND 5 MESH WINDOWS. The dog carrier with 4 directional openings makes it easy to get your cat in and out. 5 large mesh windows for good ventilation and visibility for your cat, which can reduce anxiety. The collapsible cat carrier also has a built-in leash that can connect to your cat’s collar. It is the right small dog carrier bag which can make pets less stressful.
😻CAT BODY ENGINEERING DESIGN, ENDLESS COMFORT FOR YOUR PET. The oval shape of the small dog carrier bag adds extra space for lying down, sitting. The Crate cat carrier equipped with a plush bed will keep your cat safe and comfortable on short trips and long distance trips. This soft dog carrier does the job perfectly.
🔧 ROBUST AND ANTI-SCRATCH STRUCTURE. The upgraded microfiber frame is effective in preventing the top from sagging. The hard PP cushion in the bottom can help maintain stability and increase load-bearing capacity, avoiding deformation during transportation.
❤️MODERN APPEARANCE, LIGHTWEIGHT TO CARRY. Various carrying modes: hand method ②carry on the shoulder for hands-free carrying ③Fix on the suitcase.You can choose as you like! Besides, the padded shoulder strap and shoulder strap are easy to adjust and comfortable on your shoulder.


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