If you’re tired of calling around to different insurance companies, you might consider hiring an online car insurance broker to help you save money on your car insurance policy. These experts will search through your area’s available car insurance plans and find the best rates from different companies, all so you can get the coverage you need at the price you want. Check out these seven benefits of using an online car insurance broker to learn why it could be the right option for you!

1) Save time

If you know you’re in good driving standing and have a safe, clean driving record, car insurance online broker sites can get you multiple quotes within minutes. It’s fast and easy to find great rates that suit your needs. Most brokers will show your rates as comparison-based, meaning every quote shows when it was issued and from which company. When it comes time to sign up for coverage or choose an option with a carrier, you’ll know who gave you what before making any final decisions. Avoid insuring in bulk: Some companies don’t work well with smaller businesses because they often want to go through their own channels rather than negotiate with third parties like brokers.

2) Save money

Many insurance companies have a commission structure in place for sales reps that gives them a bonus for selling higher-cost policies. If you go directly to one of these brokers, you can essentially cut out the middle man. That’s why many people who shop around and compare car insurance online broker rates save money on their policies. It’s worth noting that going direct through a broker may not necessarily result in big savings. If your company offers group coverage or preferred pricing, then it might be hard to beat. And there are many online car insurance brokers that simply sell whatever is cheapest at any given time regardless of whether it’s right for your situation or not. Make sure to research as much as possible before making any final decisions, because cheap isn’t always best!

  • 3) No high pressure sales tactics
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Unlike a car insurance company that sells directly to you, which often uses high-pressure sales tactics, a car insurance online broker operates more like a matchmaker. It only provides leads; you have all day (even up to 45 days in most cases) to browse through and contact as many agents and insurers as you like. All of your conversations with them will be completely voluntary; if any seem aggressive or pushy, get in touch with your local state insurance commissioner. In addition to avoiding high pressure sales tactics, using an online broker allows you to easily compare pricing information between companies and see what coverages are being offered.

4) Direct access to adjusters

When you have car insurance through a car insurance online broker, you deal directly with an adjuster, not a customer service representative. This is especially valuable for those who have specific questions about their policy or want to quickly address issues in person. Being able to work directly with an adjuster allows you to get many of your questions answered on the spot and decreases wait time for claims processing. You also have access to adjusters that specialize in your needs, such as drivers with poor credit or non-native English speakers. For those with other coverage like home insurance, it’s not uncommon for some discounts (such as multi-car) to be automatically applied when added onto a new policy.

5) Specialized coverage

Car insurance online brokers typically specialize in one or two areas, like new drivers or high-risk cars. Some focus on insuring only luxury cars, sports cars or convertibles, for example. Others stick to a region, making it easy to find out what you can and cannot do where you live. And car insurance online brokers are usually open to a wide range of pricing schemes; that means you can get discounts for things like driving a fuel-efficient vehicle or bundling your policy with home owners insurance. Auto clubs such as AAA also offer their own discounts to members, making it possible to save even more by going through a broker who is already involved in your life.

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6) Full transparency

Many car insurance carriers publish their rates online—making it easy to find cheap rates. But price shopping by using multiple sites and carriers can be time-consuming. With a car insurance online broker, you have one place to visit for instant quotes and fast application processing. This convenience helps you save both time and money on your car insurance policy.

7) Great customer service

Going with a large, traditional car insurance company doesn’t guarantee you’ll get great service. These days, more and more people are signing up for car insurance online broker services to handle their insurance needs. Rather than waiting on hold for hours or arguing with an agent over a billing mistake, you can usually get your questions answered and problems solved quickly by speaking with someone in customer service.

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