Renters insurance protects your personal belongings and helps you pay to repair the damage caused by covered events such as fire, theft, vandalism, and weather. Geico renters insurance provides coverage at affordable rates and gives you 24/7 access to claims agents who can help with questions or issues that may arise while you’re on the go. 

Fact #1: Save up to 50%

Geico renters insurance saves you up to 50% on your homeowners insurance because it provides the same coverage as home insurance. As a renter, you still need protection against fires and other disasters that could destroy your personal property. Geico renters insurance doesn’t require a down payment, has low monthly rates and offers discounts for bundling with auto and motorcycle policies. Talk to an agent today to see how much you could save with Geico renters insurance. Fact #2: Easy to manage policy: Renters insurance is really a lot like home insurance. When you rent, you still need coverage against disasters that can destroy your property and your financial future. If a storm floods your apartment or someone breaks in while you’re out on vacation, renters insurance covers belongings damaged by fires, smoke, vandalism or theft. Get up to $25,000 of personal property coverage at low rates by choosing geico renters insurance today.Call 1-800-947-AUTO for more information about how Geico renters insurance protects you from weather damage and other unpredictable events.Policyholder since 2010. Fact #2: Easy to manage policy – Second Paragraph: With Geico renters insurance, you can expect affordable and easy-to-manage coverage that fits your lifestyle. Even if you have roommates or decide to live in a group house, our policies are designed to give you protection against unexpected losses. From basic protection packages starting at $14 per month up to $25,000 in personal property coverage as well as other optional options such as cell phone coverage, renter’s fire insurance and personal liability insurance, we’ll help find a plan that meets your unique needs and budget. Plus, we offer discounts on several of our auto and home insurance policies when you bundle with geico renters insurance. Get a free quote today!Policyholder since 2010.

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Fact #2: No Limits on Claims

One of the best things about renters insurance is that there are no limits on your claims. The other, more famous type of insurance has limits on the amount you can receive for certain types of damage. If a storm blows through and destroys your apartment building, you will be able to file an insurance claim for all the damages incurred. 

This lack of limit is one of the key features differentiating renters insurance from home insurance because most home owners policies have a cap on how much they will pay out in any given year. Home insurance also only covers damage that is caused by a covered peril, such as a storm or fire. Homeowners insurance does not cover theft and vandalism, which is another difference between home insurance and renters insurance.

Home insurance typically provides up to $100,000 worth of coverage per insured item. For example, if you were robbed while at home, your TV would be replaced up to $100,000 due to its purchase price. Homeowners insurance generally does not cover intentional acts committed against the property itself like fires set by vandals or even flooding caused by someone’s negligence. Another big difference between renters insurance and home insurance is that you may be asked to cover an excess fee when filing a claim. The word excess refers to how much money you have paid into your coverage relative to your loss. For example, if your TV is stolen from your apartment and it is valued at $500 but you paid $300 for coverage, then you would be required to pay an excess fee of $200 in order to file a claim with your renters insurance provider. Homeowners policies generally do not ask for excess fees after filing claims for items covered under their policies like lost valuables or damage caused by a disaster like flooding or fire.

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Fact #3: Easy Application & Online Quotes

Geico can provide you with a number of features that simplify the application process. Online applications take only a few minutes, and will also give you an accurate estimate of what your monthly premium might be. And even if you need to file a claim, it’s never been easier to do so with this provider. Get peace of mind knowing that your home insurance is just one phone call away when things go wrong. Affordable Rates: Why do so many people choose to go with Geico for their home insurance needs? Because it’s affordable. Aside from great rates, you can also find coverage for motorcycles and even outdoor equipment. If you’re looking for an affordable rate on a policy that is customized to fit your specific needs, you may want to look into GEICO. 

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